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Laxey Sketches at Hodgson Loom Gallery Laxey - Until July 7th 2012

posted Jun 23, 2012, 10:18 AM by Shelby Sandyford-Sykes
A NEW art exhibition of drawings was opened at the weekend in Laxey’s Hodgson Loom Gallery.

Drawn Away is an affordable art show by various island illustrators who are about to head off in different directions.

They include Juan Moore, Nicola Dixon, Chloe Dawe, Steve Garry, Tom Egan and five of Juan’s Art Foundation students at the Isle of Man College.

Juan, of Castletown, is an animator and illustrator as well as a lecturer at the college.

He worked alongside Douglas animator Steve and sculptor Chloe on the Oscar-nominated Manx-made animation Chico and Rita. This will be Chloe and Steve’s first exhibition. Tom Egan, of Douglas, meanwhile, has a background in illustration and is currently manning the Isle Gallery at Tynwald Mills, and Nicola is a well-known Manx painter.

The five students involved are Alex Bonner, Ruby-May Laidlaw, Paige Goldsmith, Sinead McKeefry and Heebee Altzoti. They are currently finishing their foundation course in art and design and preparing to head off to university.

Juan explained: ‘Steve, Chloe, Tom and I are all leaving the island in September to start an MA in 3D digital animation in Bournemouth. And then my students are leaving to start degrees. Nicola is the only one staying in the island.

‘We knew we would be heading off so we wanted to organise an exhibition. I did a drawing show about four years ago which did very well so we thought “let’s do one like that”!

‘I also thought it would be a really good opportunity for my students as well, and they have held their own with the professionals. I’m very proud of them.’